The top place to drink coffee on Koh Samui, Thailand

Published: 12th August 2010
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Well here's a pleasant thought for those wondering the way to spend an afternoon on Koh Samui. I just thought today I'd spend an afternoon at a little coffee bar and restaurant called Bakubung. Absolutely nothing really special in that you can say, until I tell you that it is among the best kept secrets on Koh Samui. It is located on the seashore, near to the Bop hut Fisherman's village. This really is a beautiful place to come and relax and drink a coffee or 2. Precisely what could be a better way of sitting.

A beach front position with an outstanding vista

Wonderful sand extends along the front, with mystical views of Koh Phangan and then cast your eyes in the distance on the shimmering sea and then to the various speed boats and luxury yachts bobbing up and down in front of the shoreline along Fisherman Village beach frontage. What more might you require of a view, simply idyllic.

Alluring Coffee lounge and Bar

You will be met when you arrive by the proprietor or equally pleasant staff members whom is happy that you should go get your seats and wait to enable them to provide your selected coffee, shake or other cool refreshment. Take this with a piece of fresh new chocolate cake for 70 Baht a piece, coffee at 75 Baht for a gargantuan glass. Among the finest tasting lattes in Koh Samui I am certain.

You've got a personal choice of resting on the protected patio or inside on comfy black leather couches and seats. My selection is generally to sit at one of the tables outdoors and stare out at the views. What more could you request, except they offer free of charge WIFI and that's why I'm able to compose this short article. Starbuck eat your heart out, this location wins every time.

The Atmosphere

Make sure you recognize that the tranquility is only interrupted by way of relaxed songs, of the most desirable sort. I'm always flattered when i come to Bakubung as it's always, pretty much by no means really busy. This is not an issue for its proprietors, because they eventually have other plans and like most Thai people are happy to have a laid-back business and make some friends. The lady that owns this business is definitely most enchanting and welcoming.

And then I need to tell you that if you like, there is a swinging hammock in the grounds, a sizable grassed area and magnificently located Sala with grassed top. A lot of breathing space right here and it makes the perfect venue for a relaxing day. If you like to read, then it is a perfect location.

The regular crowds

Don't expect to observe too many vacationers here. Okay it's on the beach, but just far enough away that many people skip it. In case you are starting at Fisherman's village, Bop hut then you really should wander along the seashore towards the Bangrak area and you ought to easily find it, because it takes a lengthy frontage. What's excellent is that there are plenty of Thai's that come here with their buddies, not so many Xpats and a beneficial mixture of classy individuals.

The locality

Head to Koh Samui by Bangkok Airways, and go on a brief journey down the Northern coastline and you will come across Bop hut, once a tiny sleepy fishing village keeps much of it's allure. With the concourse through the village today being lined each side by numerous dining places and upmarket bars, in addition to hideouts for local expats desperate to watch the latest sporting events. The Eastern end of the village is truly the more traditional area, which still retains many of the original buildings in Thai Chinese traditions. Really this area is today in the process of some alteration, with more luxury apartments currently being constructed on the sea front.

Fisherman's village, Bop hut is actually the most pleasing destinations to come and visit. being one of the most elegant and well-preserved places in Koh Samui. With so many accommodation options at hand, the vacationers would surely be spoilt for choices. The luxurious beach hotels in Bo Phut increase the pleasure of staying with all their exclusive attributes, therefore creating a wonderful experience for the tourists.

You will find that towards the western end of the town, you will discover quite a few luxurious resorts and hotels. They supply a multitude of amenities to the guests making them really feel at home. They're mostly beach accommodations, with a beautiful view of the surrounds. There are several stylish upmarket Koh Samui Villas, providing good quality accommodation.

Maybe some day, you will have the time to spend an hour or two relaxing at Bakubung. I recommend this spot to all my buddies, and when I have clients (I sell property on Koh Samui BTW) I typically end up here; because I like to reveal this secret small place with them.

Fisherman's village on the other hand is an excellent idea for a holiday for singles as well as young families. Use it as your own base, and then you don't need to travel around the Island, however should you desire you will find many sight-seeing opportunities near by. Have a blast as soon as you have time here!!

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